When you read you begin with A.B.C.

~This series is based on the the Alphabet blocks often hung in nurseries as a child’s first learning tool, here the learning tool is all grown up, using the adult tool of a dictionary page in place of the capital and lower case letters and an image of a vocabulary word.

_RWK9475_RWK9476_RWK9474              _RWK9473_RWK9472_RWK9471      _RWK9470_RWK9469_RWK9468_RWK9467_RWK9465_RWK9464_RWK9463_RWK9462_RWK9461_RWK9460_RWK9459_RWK9458_RWK9457_RWK9456_RWK9455_RWK9454_RWK9453_RWK9452_RWK9451_RWK9450

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