la la land! 

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Got a chance to go, took it! We are out on the west coast for a brief, and beautiful long weekend! Today we hit the farmers market for a super yummy lunch!         Fresh strawberries and crepes for desert! Such a gorgeous day! Thank you, to our awesome friends for putting us up, and […]

April 3, 2016

Cleaning house, second project.

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So, last year I tried out, you may notice a pattern here. First project, now, artists have to hustle, and bid, and under bid, and try every venue possible, to drum up business and sales of their art…. It just is. Ok back to I thought ok I’ll create a periodical […]

March 7, 2016

Wishes in a jar

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   My mom keeps wishes in a jar. A beautiful blue glass with screw on lid, Wishes in a jar out of sight, but never hid. The wishes are varied,  Some old and some new, many wishes in a jar. We move and these wishes carried,  We clean and wipe and return to place. My […]

November 28, 2015

Artistic redirect.

Adventures in Printmaking, gratitude

As an artist I have honed what I am good at by doing it. That doesn’t mean I am the best at it, or even the best that I will ever be at printmaking. I have only honed that skill.    Do I have other skills?  Yes.  Are they as good or even close to satisfying […]

October 26, 2015

I love shoes.

Fabric Foibles, gratitude

I love shoes. Not like excessive shoe buyers.   I fall madly in love with shoes and am religiously devoted to them, wearing the same pair over and over till they are on deaths door. Holes, sole wear, and ground down heels. And still I wear them. Wear them till they hurt me.     My […]

October 21, 2015

An Uncustomary scavenger hunt

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I live in a kick-ass town. I am surrounded by a wonderful community of crazy creative folks. I am inspired by each and every one of them. This weekend one of those crazy talented and more over inspiring artists is sponsoring an Instagram scavenger hunt, it is open to everyone. Near or far, old or […]

September 26, 2015

A little fun art!

and other art, gratitude

Trying to stay focused is hard. There is alway something going on, always a distraction, and always a reason to put my art projects on hold. This means sometimes there is a drought of creating art, and I get a little sad. Or a little cranky. And sometimes even a bit jealous. So, it is […]

September 13, 2015

Gather Baltimore, mind opened: jaw dropped.

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This past Saturday, I stopped by the Mill Valley General Store to learn about Gather Baltimore. They are a non-profit org. that with the help of a volunteer crew works to provide affordable healthful food to communities in need. Gather Baltimore does this by intercepting food (viable, perfectly edible food) rejected by groceries and left […]

August 11, 2015

Remy kicks off my Prints for Pits!

Adventures in Printmaking, gratitude

partnering with the Baltimore Bully Crew any portrait commissioned through them, or thought my etsy bully crew item, during the next 3 months, 50% of the price will be donated to the Baltimore Bully Crew Here is the carving!  Remy    I will post the finished print and the etsy link tomorrow. I was just so […]

August 9, 2015

Plans ha ha ha!

Adventures in Printmaking, gratitude

it has been said “Men plan and God laughs” Well at the beginning of this year I had so many plans, I shared many here, on Facebook, with any friend or acquaintance who would listen. And wow, most of the plans have been delayed or deferred, replaced or replanned. Monthly prints  Like a subscription to […]

August 2, 2015

It’s already February!!!!

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This is the commercially advertised month of luv! I am participating. I want to share my love for everyone… who supports my crazy artistic existence! And I want to share with y’all the things I have going on, and there are so many! Passenger Portraits – I started this project to broaden my artistic horizons […]

February 9, 2015