How I came to art.

If you’d’ve asked me when I was in kindergarten “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I certainly would not have said “an Artist!” I was a dancer, and loved performing and all that went with it, as far as i knew.

Dance lead me most of my young life, I still dance occasionally, but dance did something wonderful for me it gave me a great sense of movement and shapes. All we(dancers) were, were shapes that moved, moves that made more shapes. I take that sense of movement and shape and apply it to my art.

Before I found art(visual), and even still, I found Shakespeare, it’s kind of a thing. I, like all dancers eventually do, found out that dancing, as a career, doesn’t last forever(more specifically that our dancer bodies don’t last forever) and Shakespeare eased that blow. The rich layers of his writing, and the freedoms that he took to shape the modern English language, by creating new words, re-imagining turns of phrase, and by unleashing a torrent of images personal to each audience member, all of these things wrapped up in one place. I was, am still, in awe. Shakespeare continues to teach me, his work read and re-read is so layered that it will take a lifetime to make sense of, or may never. I take mystery from Shakespeare, the creation of my art may have one meaning to me, but I must respect that and nurture the aspect of my art that has many meanings to others.

Both Shakespeare and Dancing made me poor(financially) so I resorted to hand made gifts, being honest I will probably still make hand made gifts when and if I am ever rich. But with no other choice I spent my last few dollars buying second hand art supplies from a college student in the city, and set out to make all of my holiday gifts one year. I created lots of things(long xmas list, big family) most of which were unremarkable, all but one piece of art.


It was my first print, the first carving I ever made and it was strange, it was hard to see, it still is.

Her name is Fenway(yes her, my sisters’ husband is a RedSocks fan) and she was a sleepy wrinkly puppy all played out on a soft towel.

Thus began my adventures in Printmaking.


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