I made a pie.

My sister grew the rhubarb in her garden this year. I was meant to take it on vacation with me and make pie then… well that came and went, I forgot to pack it.

Two weeks later, I got motivated, and some strawberries. So. Pie.

Using Pinterest, I found this beautiful hand written recipe.

Eleanor S. Meeth, she knew what she was writing about.  

I had to look up how to prep the rhubarb, but hey Google can find anything. And it was easy. Just wash it like celery, and strip the outer layer of stringy skin, and slice it once long ways, and chop in 1/2″ to 3/4″ bits.

Everything else was as simple and easy as…. Well…. Pie.(sorry puns are awesome)

Here Are some process photos.

The ribbons of stringy skin from the rhubarb.

Jiffy, it’s not just a measurement of time, it’s also a great affordable way to make pie crust.

Put the pie dough in the fridge, not sure why but it seems to make it roll out better.


Mix the dry ingredients with the fruit.

Roll out and assemble. (I didn’t have clean hands so no pictures of this) 

Also I am not sure why but Eleanor has you bake the pie at two different temperatures and in two different positions…

Got good reviews from my Aunts and Uncles. They also proceeded to tell stories of rhubarb from their childhoods. Mostly when someone broke a jar of their grandparents rhubarb preserves, and which time, and who, broke the jars when. Mostly this leads me to believe that none of my relatives should be trusted with breakable containers of food.


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