National Cornbread Festival, and Instagram!

The National Cornbread Festival is held every year during the last full weekend in April, in South Pittburg, Tennessee. This happens to be Will’s Home town. He returns every year to be the official Photographer of the National Cornbread Festival.

And I get to tag along!

This year was the 20th anniversary! And like every other millennial the National Cornbread Festival loves social media! Each year they have an Instagram contest. Spreading the visual and social presence of the festival through a hashtag. Pretty cool, as the town is beautiful and festivals are generally visually stunning with bright colors, happy faces, and interesting bits and bobs at every booth.

The Hashtag this year was #cornbreadfest

And a quick Instagram search will show you, that this year, it was a perfect weekend. Here are a few of my insta-pics 

And this year I won their Instagram contest!

For this photo:

and I was so excited this week when my prizes came!!

Thank you, Martha White, Lodge Cast Iron, and the National Cornbread Festival.

See you next year!


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