Cleaning house, second project.

So, last year I tried out, you may notice a pattern here. First project, now, artists have to hustle, and bid, and under bid, and try every venue possible, to drum up business and sales of their art…. It just is.

Ok back to I thought ok I’ll create a periodical art project, something that I can create and do once a month and ship out so they get a little bit of art every month, or just that one months art….

And at the end all of the pieces(12 pieces of art) would go together to create a larger piece….

I know I am crazy, fun, but crazy.

So I made a 12 part grid, made a drawing, carved, block 1…. Block 2…. And Bam! Life happens, discouraged, new job, life drain….

And here it is another unfinished project.

Some got carved and never printed and some never even got carved….

So I have now carved, the last 4(FYI 6hrs work)

And am in the process of printing the rest(2 blocks approx 50 prints per hr)

Just an update, still not finished.

4 blocks down, 8 more to print(est. time 4 hrs)


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