Artistic redirect.

As an artist I have honed what I am good at by doing it.

That doesn’t mean I am the best at it, or even the best that I will ever be at printmaking.

I have only honed that skill. 
  Do I have other skills? 


Are they as good or even close to satisfying ? 


Do I reject those other mediums as possibilities when starting a new project?


When something takes an unpleasing turn mid project, in one of those mediums, do I revert to printmaking?


Facing the hard fact that I am certain in my skill and the outcome when it comes to printmaking, isn’t that a good thing?  And how wonderful that opening doors or windows to other opportunities of creation is something that I am still ballsy enough to attempt on limited funds and time no less.

I am Proud today of myself.

Sad that my attempt backed me into all-nighter territory.

And happy and comforted by the safety and familiarity of my printmaking.

Thank you for being with me on journeys and days like this.

Mama said there’d be days like this.
Sketch for block #1 


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