I love shoes.

Fabric Foibles, gratitude / Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

I love shoes.

Not like excessive shoe buyers.


I fall madly in love with shoes and am religiously devoted to them, wearing the same pair over and over till they are on deaths door.

Holes, sole wear, and ground down heels. And still I wear them.

Wear them till they hurt me.

 My latest victims a pair of slouchy leather boots. Originally acquired at a thrift store for $10 served me well for over a year, nearly daily wearing, caused my heels to get so worn down that the shoes became a tripping hazard.
Still I wouldn’t let go.

Then I found what might be the solution to my monogamous shoe wearing style.

Eugene’s Shoe Repair

 They were great, take cash, and work is totally worth it!


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