It’s already February!!!!

This is the commercially advertised month of luv!
I am participating.
I want to share my love for everyone… who supports my crazy artistic existence! And I want to share with y’all the things I have going on, and there are so many!

Passenger Portraits – I started this project to broaden my artistic horizons by teaching myself a new medium. I started last fall driving for Lyft, and meeting passengers to paint. Lyft driving allows me to make enough money to maintain my current budget(a very small amount in the grand scheme of things). In January I took the month off to start painting and have finished 9 portraits as of this post. This I feel is good progress, 9 portraits in almost 6 weeks, more than one portrait per week. With an eventual goal of 6 portraits per week, I like to think I will be close to that goal in one years’ time(seems reasonable).

ART Hanging Out – I began curating more than 5 years ago, and have done it off and on. Till last year when I partnered up with a friend to combine our locations and form a mission statement that truly captures the essence of our beliefs. AHO has gone from 4 locations in Catonsville, to 6 in Catonsville, 1 in White Marsh, and now since January 6 in Annapolis. Creating a Culture of art, and cultivating the economy of local artists.

Online Sales – I have been marketing my art online for a while with Etsy a market place for everything hand-made. Added last year to that Fine Art America and Fiverr, two very different online sales venues. While both sites are international and sales venues, that is where their similarities end. Additionally this year I have added a Society6 page, while similar to Fine Art America, the audience that Society6 caters too is younger and hip-pop cult(I am not sure how to better describe it)

Fun-A-Day Baltimore – I participated solo last year and have partnered up this year with a writer friend and we are working on a book. The exhibit displays in march at Gallery 788.

Artists Making Money – this idea was spawned from a picky grammar police post on an artist friend’s facebook post about how he would like to make money. I launched a wordpress site to showcase any art that is submitted, and all art should be rendered in the ilk of money.

So much Love for everyone, So much art!

flower 2 compressed


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