The P’s.

I have a case of the P’s.

The P’s of making art, making a series. The Planning, the Preparation, the Production, the Publicity, the Purchasers. Look how little of this making art is actually making art. Sure there is creativity in the creating of the idea in the planning stage, and the obvious creativity in the making art during the production. But the Preparation, Publicity, and Purchasers that is all working “it” and while hard, working “it” is a formula.

The P that is the least fun and I suppose what is the hardest for me is the Preparation, mostly I suspect because I am impatient. I just wanna get on with it already and make art.

Needless to say, I am in that P right now. I have planned (had the idea, thought about who, what, where, when and for how long, and why of) the series.  Now is the Preparation, getting all the ducks in a row so I can make art. I have saved a little money, and am buying supplies, and making arrangements that require getting other people’s approval, and waiting.

I hate waiting.

Any way, I have started, and am hoping to move from this P to the next, because as it goes I can do the next two P’s at the same time and that makes me happy!

: P

ducks in a row


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