Baltimore Portrait artists Swap!

Adventures in Printmaking, and other art, gratitude / Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

portrait project

It started at a party in Station North, with a huge turn out of super cool, amazing talented artists.


Names were drawn from a hat(bowl) and the Pairs were matched!

I was paired with Danielle Ariano,  a writer!

We agreed to take our time, and had a long conversation about family, pets, art. We met up 2 weeks later at Danielle’s house to take photos for source images.

goldens happy danielle and dogsDanielle

I got a lot of great material to work from!

She took a few photos too.

here are the finished projects!


and her portrait of me:





To learn more about LED Baltimore and the Portrait Project follow this link LED BALTIMORE

to the portrait I did for the Portrait Project is now available on FINE ART AMERICA

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