Update on time management.

Adventures in Printmaking, and other art, gratitude / Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Update caveat: with nothing to compare this past week to,  this is only a snap shot of time, not an average week, or an exceptional week, just the first observed week.

So I divided my time into the following sections and here are the totals logged for the time period of  August 14th through August 22nd(one day more than a 7 day period)

Admin/office 5hrs 45min logged

Creative/art making 6hrs 15min logged

Curating/marketing  5hrs 35min logged

for an imperfect total of 17hrs and 35min a far cry from a total 40hr work week, and imperfect because of me, and logging isn’t in my strong suit but like many things I am working on it.

Here is hoping this week and the next few go better.

If you have any techniques for time management or advice, please feel free to comment, or send messages.

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