Bragging, again, different cousin!

You will come to know, I have a lot of relatives! Some old some young, all different kinds with many different talents.

This week my cousin Marie came to visit! She came down to see my Museum Exhibit.   And she spent the next day hanging out, she is an incredible artist and does things with art and her computer that I can’t even fathom. Her design style is fresh and funky and classic all at once. So when she asked if I would teach her, one I was honored, and two I was shocked, she wanted to learn my process!

She started with a sketch she had made and was patient with me as I explained each step, as she worked.

The order I work in, why I sometimes have to take breaks, or move to different areas in the carving process, and how there is a feel to some of the process that has to be felt and can’t be taught. She Trusted ME! and it worked.

The carving is not too big, about  4inches by 6inches, it framed perfectly.



I am so Proud, and blessed to be related to someone so talented!







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