Today is the big day!

My first museum exhibit!
Tonight from 5-9pm is the museum’s reception.
I am so very excited! (I will try not to use exclamation points on every sentence, but gee whiz wouldn’t you be this !!!! Excited!!!)

art in the wind

I need to pinch myself to keep remembering this is my life and not just a really wonderful dream!
(I don’t pinch hard enough to bruise)

Today I am doing something I wouldn’t normally do. I am going shopping, not at a thrift store, or vintage/consignment/secondhand shop, at a retail store, and not for items that have an extended purpose(a regularly used item) but just for tonight. This is such a luxury/frivolity! I have more than a few friends who are vegan/vegetarian and like to be selective consumers based on animal cruelty. I have a few friends who prefer to wear natural fibers and clothing manufactured using Eco friendly methods and are selective shoppers for environmental reasoning. I am by budget and conscience a minimal consumer, I try not to buy brand new, I try to repurpose, or re-use, mend where I can and do without if possible.

Today will be a splurge.

I was lucky last fall. I stumbled into a one weekend trunk sale/second hand charity sale, and there found the most amazing dress from the 1910’s. I tried it on and it fit like it was made for me. Knowing it was THE Dress, I called Rebecca. I think I can safely say Rebecca is the single most stylish put together person I know, she is also a huge supporter of me and my art.
Knowing Rebecca would tell me honestly if I was out of my mind for wanting to wear a dress made over a hundred years ago.(I imagine this is the moment for most brides where they consult their maid of honor) Not only did she know instinctively what to say (yes) but also that she wanted to MAKE the dress her GIFT to me to celebrate such an enormous milestone in my career. I cried. I am crying again as I write this, she gets me, even though we are different in many ways, she gets and loves me.

As I went back each day of that sale, the wonderful lady Kathy who was managing the antique/vintage section, asked me questions, about the event, my shoes, my hair, jewelry, but most importantly my slip. do I have one? what color should I get? what time of year would I be wearing the dress?
My state of sheer overwhelming excitement, must have made it clear to her, I had no idea! And in some awe inspiring way she very generously offered to MAKE a custom fit slip for me, as her GIFT to me! She didn’t even know me for a collected hour of time and she got me and supported me in this moment when my art and career were having a pivotal moment. I cried.

Overwhelmed with generosity. The museums generosity and acknowledgement, the support of both Rebecca and Kathy, the support of my family and knowing what it has meant that they have allowed me to follow a creative path in life, Will for both his inspiring ability to capture and document my process but also the never ending reminder that the work I do and create is worth creating.

Tonight is a big deal to me. And everyone who has gotten me here, cause heaven knows I couldn’t have all by myself, they are big deals too.

Please join us in celebrating from 5pm-9pm tonight Thursday 17th of July 2014 at the Evergreen Museum.


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