A Spanish Tragedy…

and no it’s not the story of my only attempt at Paella!

What I am talking about is the Mobtown Players Latest production!

This show is full of all of the wonderfully violent and confusing plot twists you might expect in a modern Telenovella .  As has the road that this production of The Spanish Tragedy.  A short few months back Mobtown Players home theater in the Meadow Mill building, was flooded in a pretty big way, you may remember…….

The theater company launched an Indiegogo campaign. In hopes of raising  funds to support their show. Their goal: $3,000 to cover the costs of production and now Rent on a new space for the run of their show!

A long time ago (not really that long) I had found a fun and accepting  home and entrance into the Baltimore theater scene. I learned so much and build some amazing relationships with truly talented folks.

So when the call for help went out, I dearly wanted to assist, being slight of funds, I am offering to them the only thing I have. My art and time.


I have created an original print for them. During the run of the production this print will be raffled off, to raise funds. The retail price of the piece is $75.00, and at $5 per ticket the winner will get a steal.

Please come out and support Mobtown Players, see the show, it is more than worth the price of admission.



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