Great things from small theatre.

Ok, I kind of need to take a moment and gush, just a little…… please indulge me.

I am so grateful.

I was hand picked by Ann Turiano to be an ensemble member in a Devised show, something I have never done before. I had no idea what to expect, I didn’t even know the topic until, the 3rd or 4th email, I just trusted that if someone as awesome as Ann wanted me to be in a show that she was directing, I was in.

The topic of the show would be based on: Etiquette by Emily Post, a book written in the early 1920’s.

The other awesome cast mates (devised mates?), the rest of the ensemble included:
Liz, Kerry, Justin, Caitlin, Vince, Marcella, and our Diligent and supportive Stage Manager Kate


Each of these crazy talented folks worked, and brought life, and exciting ideas to our weird and wonderfully twisted take on Emily Post’s Life’s work.

And what we accomplished in those 5 short weeks still floors me, but the thing that leaves me speechless is the functionality and organization of the theatre company that produced the show……

Glass Mind Theatre


They are completely VOLUNTEER run! all of their “staff” are in it for the love and mission of the company, but that doesn’t mean they treat their positions with a laissez faireĀ  attitude.

Everyone worked hard; were quick, clear, and congenial via email; and they had systems in place that made the process of being in one of their shows easy. Knowing who did what, or was in charge of what tasks, and trusting that those tasks would be done, and done with expertise and ease, “with grace” is the only way that I can think to truly describe how they function.

So Thank you for letting me participate. Thank you for having put in all the hard work, that we all know it takes to make anything in life appear effortless. Thank you for making art in Baltimore Better.

Post script:

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