Collaboration, and creation, my beaver.

It is twice in one week where I have had the opportunity to collaborate with my mom!

Have I mentioned that my mom is a Creative Genius, could be where I get my talents…(one can hope, she is awesome)


This Collaboration is a part of her company’s Green Initiative (read: each office works on projects to reduce, reuse, recycle; save money; save the earth) Includes Landscaping, urban farming, Rain water saving(remember this one), and a variety of other cool not work activities.

Their Company chose a mascot of a Castor Beaver (jokes, so many jokes) so her boss had previously commissioned a print.


and today’s project was to make that rain barrel(told you it’d come back) more interesting than than just the bland white(which would get dirty and ugly too fast).


I printed (by hand) my block on a piece of acetate



and used my old-fashioned over head projector.


I layered spray paint and paper till I got to the sky layer, and used 12 different colors of spray paint!

I finished the barrel with a high gloss clear finish.


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