A guy and his Truck, and why Kickstarter is awesome.

A couple years ago, I ran a kickstarter campain, it was a huge success! I raised all the money I needed and some. It gave me the opportunity to create a series of art that no matter how much I believed in it, without money I could not have brought it to life.

but this post is not about me.(it’s kind of about me)

This post is about Shawn Theron local Baltimore Artist SOGH art.


His art.


and His Truck!


Shawn routinely donates to a wide variety of charities, and if no one has ever explained it to you, when an artist donates their own art to a silent auction/charity they are not allowed to deduct the retail value of the art, they are only allowed to deduct the cost of supplies (or portion of supply cost used) the difference is often drastically different. All this is to say Shawn is a GIVER, a generous, and caring individual! Help him out.


share this post. donate to his project. it will open doors for him. literally doors for his ART Truck.


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