It only took….6 months?

I Love PINTEREST and I pin a lot. This post is the story of one “pin“…


I wanted one, but more specifically I wanted to make one for myself!

So I gathered Materials….

Jewelry 1

This took a while (a couple weeks before I figured out what frames to use) I settled on clearance rack Michael’s  shadow boxes and radiator grating from Home Depot. I liked the grating better than the chicken wire or Rat wire options it is finished(coated) and looks slick.

And while it took a couple weeks to figure out supplied it took more than a few months to actually get started…..

…..I am a busy lady, what can I say.

so disassemble the frames:

Jewelry 3

Trim the Grating with tin snips

Jewelry 2

replace glass with the grating in one frame:

Jewelry 3b

Putting the spacers back into their original spaces.

Test it out!

Jewelry 5

yup it works, those little holes are perfect for keeping earrings from tangling.

next add a cool piece of scrap mat board, and close the back of the second frame:

jewelry 10

No glass.

Add the hardware, two hinges, some cup hooks:

Jewelry 6

and Add Jewelry:

Jewelry 8 Jewelry 7 Jewelry 9


I made mine a little bigger than I thought I needed, I do not have a large jewelry collection.


I had left over Grating and found a few cool frames!

jewelry Bonus!



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