Yup, creativity, it runs in the family!

and other art, gratitude / Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

I have always known that I am creative. I have been told this, by people I trust, all my life. And how could I not be creative, I mean….. mom is, she has made all sorts of things, sweaters, clothes, stained glass windows, sewing, doodling. And dad is he can find creative ways to fix any number of things that break, and as a brick layer he has made beautiful pathways and patios. My house hold growing up was full of activities using things not as they were initially intended but in a creative and new light.

So, I am not surprised that my sister, in her chosen medium(writing), has teamed up with some of her co-workers to create a blog that channels their creativity into a place where they can chronicle their adventures in creativity!

Check them out and leave a note of support, or better yet send them anecdotes of your own creative successes or failures!



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