Field trip with friends!

Our Field trip was awesome!



if you haven’t heard about it, you have now!

They are a location you can take your extras (scrap/junk/crafty things that you thought “one day” but never got too, etc. etc. etc.) and donate them to a great cause.


You can go (Like we did) in search of inspiration and supplies.

scrap dc scrap fabric wall

The pricing structure for most of the store is by the inch(stacks of paper) or by the handful (any possible odd or end you could think of!) by the baggy (bead, buttons, etc.) and they have a huge fabric wall! all priced seriously low!

My Friends Edward and Cheree scored big! Edward got a brand new sketch pad and notebook, some Astral Chalk. Cheree decided on Leather scraps for a bright purse/handbag she wants to make. I found two little sketch books(I use these when I work on series) and 2 like new pads ( acetate, and transfer paper), picked up some small pieces of astral chalk(black, red, white, gold, and silver) and these really cute chips with a hole in them (they may have been sample swatches for paint or laminate) in this life I plan to make them into Christmas ornaments.

I don’t think any one of us spent more than $20! such a deal. I already have ideas and plans to go back once a month.


They offer MEMBERSHIPS and discounts and CLASSES too!


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