Dye another day, the lesser known fun-a-day bonding experiment

Adventures in Printmaking, Fabric Foibles, fun-a-day baltimore / Friday, January 31st, 2014

Ok I just can’t stop myself!
All though to think about it that IS probably the point of the Fun-a-Day Baltimore project, to inspire streaming creativity till the flood gates burst and an out pouring of raw, and inspired art keeps coming without end…….(that was a lot of water imagery just then, makes me need to pee)

Any which way you look at it I am still creating 31days in!

Today it’s time to play with some dye.
I divided the scarves I had printed earlier this week and decided on a blue-ish green, and a purple-ish red.
And since I don’t have either of those colors(evil genius finger movements) Mixing!


And yes we eat a lot of pretzels!

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