Snowy days mean, lots of art done!!! #’s 24-30!!!

For my Fun-A-Day Baltimore art project I decided to take a large block (12”x18”) and divide it up in to 30 little blocks, and fill each block with words that are meaningful to me.

Here are my “30” words.

the first 15 I came up with:

Love, Family, Pain, Comfort, Peace, Loss, Tears, Hug, Smile, Laughter, Hope, Create, Give, Plan, Jump.

for the second “15” I opened dialog with my friends here and on face book and this is the result:

Wonder/Wander, Wiggle/Giggle, Inspire/Aspire/Perspire, Saturation, Anguish, Serenity, Revive/Restore/Repair, Shadow, Mischief, Curves, Stillness/Silence/Strength, Grieve, Forgive, Enduring, Desire.

The best part of getting all these carvings done is that it means I get to print, and try different colors and papers and fabric! and paint! stay tuned.








20140121-192938.jpgand a snowy day doggy pic for good measure!


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