Wednesday’s Studio clean up & give-a-way winner!

Wednesday’s art give-a-way winner is: Shaina

and look now there is a floor!



Thursday’s art Give-away is:
A custom 4×6 print made especially for you!

Hey! did you know the best way to build an art collection is to purchase art directly from artists…

so it stands to reason, a grab bag with 3 pieces of art would be a great jump start to any collector!!!
and at $5 it is a smart investment.


8 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Studio clean up & give-a-way winner!

      1. Awesome, I’ll take both. Let me know how you want me to pay and the delivery/pick up. I have paypal but my account was hacked last week (great, right?) I could pay cash and local pick up whenever but paypal won’t be okay until probably sometime next week, maybe tomorrow but I’m not holding my breath since they told me that on Monday. Whatever it is, we’ll figure it out.



      2. I know where it is, I stopped by once when is was in the are last week but they were closed. I do know Tim and Sarah really well though and would love to see their shop. Wednesday should be good for me but not until 3:30-3:40. I have nothing going on then. If that doesn’t work out I have off all day Thursday after 1:00. Thanks!



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