Studio Cleaning this week, why is it such a challenge?

Adventures in Printmaking, and other art, gratitude / Monday, January 13th, 2014

I don’t hate cleaning.

I don’t mind organizing.

But, honestly, I find studio cleaning day the hardest task ever.

so to make it more fun for me(and hopefully you too!)

Each day I will be giving away a piece of art!!!!
(Who doesn’t like free art?)

Each day I will be selling orphan art grab bag for $5!
(3 pieces of art that I choose)
(who doesn’t like bargain priced art?)

Tuesday Clear the entry way, and remove obvious trash!
Wednesday Clear general floor space, and 2 clear table tops
Thursday Clear remaining table tops, clear cabinets
Friday Clean floors/windows and be happy the job is done!!!!

I won’t post shameful before pictures, but I will post the first give-a-way piece of art.

Giveaway rules:
the message “count me in!” in the comments section here

Piper posing with Tuesday’s giveaway art!

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