The Homewood Harvest Ball/”I would never survive even one challenge on Project Runway”

I had the honor of attending the Harvest Ball at the Homewood House Museum at Johns Hopkins University, as a part of the Baltimore Shakespeare Factory’s cast of historic characters.

We portrayed the relatives of Charles Carroll Jr., we greeted and guided guests of the evening through the home, and shared polite conversation and some quirky period entertainment, and dare I say it…..flirtations…such the scandal.

I portrayed Miss Elisabeth Carroll Caton, the daughter of Mrs. Mary Carrol Caton and Mr. Richard Caton (a Business Man/Merchant) I was the eldest of their children in attendance along with my younger sisters Miss Louisa and Miss Emily.

My Gown for the evening was made especially for the event, in the grand tradition of (some what desperate) young women in need of a beautiful new frock.

scarlett-ohara Carol Burnett

“I saw it in the window and I just couldn’t resist it.” The Carol Burnett Show‘s “Went with the Wind!” sketch aired as part of episode 10.8 on November 13, 1976

With the help and saintly patience of my Mom! (she rocked this challenge)

Luckily we didn’t need that much yardage(hoop skirts are huge). The regency period is much more forgiving(Yardage wise).

So Down Came some curtains:

and we went to work….


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