Ongoing Projects (part two)

Late in the autumn last year, I spent a Killer evening out with a pair of great friends. Even though i didn’t know it that night would spark what would become “ART Hanging Out” my curating service.

The evening started with a brief Salsa dancing lesson at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum and took a stroll down to Harbor East to find a bite to eat. We found our way to a little wine bar midway between Little Italy, and Harbor East, it was fancy. We were welcomed and seated and the food and service was impeccable.

The Chef even came table side to tell us more about his food!

Through out the evening I noticed the streamline decor, industrial chic, and there were stark, black and white photographs on the walls(the walls without wine racks that is).

Always interested in opening opportunities to show my art, I approached the chef, and expressed my interest. The Chef open to my proposal, we made a meeting to review my art and  at that meeting set a date!

Since then I have had the wonderful opportunity to curate. Organizing, scheduling, and finding artists and bringing the opportunity to local artists to showcase their art.

The Location you ask?

Vino Rosina…. Now  Oliver Specks


507 S Exeter St  Baltimore, MD 21202

oh and their website

Look forward to Artist receptions and maybe even Charity partnerships!


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